Ace Litigator is an online interactive platform founded by a team of law professionals to provide access to a high standard of quality legal documents and consultation services at the touch of a button.

Why This Product

The vision of this product was inspired by the dire need for well-drafted and legally aligned documents. The course of daily human interactions produces a myriad of disputes both at the personal, interpersonal and intrapersonal levels. These disputes if not proactively resolved may precipitate into acts of lawlessness and a breakdown in the rule of law. Proactivity in handling disputes requires that persons are equipped with the knowledge of specific legal solutions appropriate for tackling the legal problem they face.

Ace Litigator have a database of high-quality pleadings born of our in-depth research in the areas of laws as well as thorough vetting. We did this in response to the acknowledgement that legal systems need a way to identify the salient elements of any dispute in terms of facts and the applicable laws.

Users of legal services get to download at a fee premier litigation pleadings and tailor them to suit their unique circumstances through a step-by-step guide. Our team of dedicated and experienced lawyers offers consultation services on request by consumers.

Value Proposition

The trade of law continues to grow in leaps and bounds yet access to high-quality drafted and current legal pleadings remains a challenge. Ace Litigators offers a database that has high-quality pleadings born of our in-depth research in the areas of laws as well as thorough vetting. What sets us apart as a company is that we offer a flagship solution in the legal market together with value-added services such as opportunities to access highly skilled and experienced legal professionals for consultation.

Beneficiaries Of The Products

The court itself is as bound by the pleadings of the parties as they are themselves. It is no part of the duty of the court to enter upon any inquiry into the case before it other than to adjudicate upon the specific matters in dispute that the parties themselves have raised by the pleadings.

Students have an opportunity to samples of litigations form that are properly drafted with sound explanatory notes to boot. This is key for those who are undertaking Civil Procedure and Documentation classes.

Getting well drafted and legally sound legal forms is a daunting task for litigation advocates. By the time an advocate lays hold of a precedent, it is either not relevant to the matter at hand or in a form which cannot be utilized with ease. The resultant product is usually a patchwork of legal forms that lack consistent and current alignment with provisions of the law.

For Lay Consumers of Legal Services” text=”Parties wishing to self-represent in court have access to litigation forms and explanatory notes on instances when they can use the said pleadings. This is important in light of the settled principle that parties are bound by their pleadings. Any evidence they give in court which is not supported by what is contained in the pleadings, must be disregarded by courts. This product will avert such eventualities.

Core Values

In pursuit of this mission, we are guided by excellence, a core value of Ace Litigators.

(a) customer-centricity

(b) professional excellence

(c) legal competence

(d) responsiveness

(e) respect

(f) innovatio


(a) Provide ease of access to clear and concise legal forms

(b) Provide forms that are compliant with current applicable legal provisions

(c) Saves consumers of legal services time and money

(d) Provide access to remote online consultation with highly skilled and experience legal professionals

(e) Provide a platform for legal practitioners to display practice details for ease of reach by potential consumers of legal serves

(f) Provide in-depth legal research and drafting services