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Shared Responsibility: Disaster Management Between Kenya’s National and County Governments

The ongoing rains and resulting floods persist, causing loss and widespread panic fueled by uncertainty about when and where the storm waters will strike.

Guarding Justice: Hire Not Persons masquerading as Lawyers

Ever considered why lawyers frown at individuals posing as legal professionals?

Hatua za kushtaki mtu kwa uhalifu

Mjadala unaondelea Kenya kuhusu kesi za uhalifu za watu maarufu umefunua kiasi kidogo tunachojua kuhusu jinsi kesi za uhalifu zinavyosikizwa.

The stages of criminal prosecution

The ongoing debate in Kenya surrounding high-profile criminal cases has highlighted our limited understanding of how criminal prosecutions are conducted.

A Green Judiciary! Kenya does it.

Undoubtedly, the pervasive impact of climate change is palpable, affecting each of us more profoundly with each passing day. As we scramble for solutions, allow me, as a legal practitioner, to draw attention to the crucial role of the judiciary in addressing this pressing issue.

Duties Of Advocates To Their Clients

It is the responsibility of advocates to balance their obligations to the court and their clients in order to make sure the client’s requirements and wishes are fulfilled without providing false information to the court.